Saturday, April 26, 2014

Game of Thrones Live Stream

This site is the best place to get links to Game of Thrones streams. Every Sunday, visits us for the best-quality links available. Season 4 is gearing up to be the best season yet, so don't miss out on an episode just because you happen to not get HBO. The internet is your HBO. Many streams are available, but many of them are not good. They stutter, the audio is too low, the streamer likes to set up recordings of Knife Fight during the episode. All of these things can make for a bad stream, so we weed them out and only provide links to good ones.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

GOT Season 4 Premier Was The Most-Streamed TV Drama Ever

Game of Thrones livestreams were on fire last Sunday after hundreds of thousands of fans realized they still did not have HBO, or, if they did, that HBO Go had died from exhaustion, and clambered onto the internet in search of that quality fantasy crack we all know and love. This made the premier the most-streamed TV drama ever. It would have been the most streamed TV event ever if it weren't for pesky Superbowls and Olympics.